Looking for Ritsu's Voicebanks or MMD model? Here they are!


PLATONIC 2.0 mirror
Japanese VCV Multi-Pitch  (D4, G#3, Extra pitches F4, A#4) Voicebank.
Voiced: RituPepper
Oto: moresampler/RituPepper
Logical range: C#3 to C#6
Voices: 4058
Release video

Japanese VCV Mono-Pitch  (A3, D4) Voicebank.
Voiced: RituPepper
Oto: Auri-Chan
Logical range: C#3 to C5
Voices: 2229
Release video

Japanese CV Romanji Voicebank with Hiragana support
Published: 05.01.2014
Voiced: RituPepper
Oto: RituPepper
Logical range: C3 to G#4
Voices: 143
Release video

 ACT 1
Japanese CV Romanji Voicebank with Hiragana support
Published: 08.24.2013
Voiced: RituPepper
Oto: Olettazz
Logical range: F3 to B4
Voices: 146
Release video

MMD Models;


Type: Model edit with original parts
Creator: LuluKya & RituPepper

Type: Model edit
Creator: RituPepper
Credits & Rules:

Rules & Usage

  • Do not claim as yours, credit RituPepper.
  • Do not change her name, gender, nationality or anything else as important. (Changing clothing etc. for covers/ fanart is allowed)
  • Do not redistribute or sell anything what includes her voice or anything else that is not made by you.
  • Editing the oto.ini is allowed, if you feel it necessary.
  • You can make anykind of Fanart or covers as long there is not seen nudity or anything else R-18

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