Who's Ritsu?

Nonomura Ritsu /野之村リツ is an UTAUloid, a free downloadable voice for the UTAU program. In this page I will introduce her.


野 (No; Area)
之 (No; to move(?))
村 (Mura; Village)
Her last name doesn't have any specific meaning
Idea for her first name Ritsu came from the Finnish word "Ritsa", which means Slingshot.

Art by RituPepper
Outfit Design by HetayOne

Type: FINloid
Gender: Female
First name: Ritsu
Last name: Nonomura
Age: 16½
Weight: 53kg (117 lbs)
Height: 167,5cm (5 feet, 5 inches)
Birthday: October 7th
Anniversary: August 24th
Character item: Slingshot
Nationality/ Race: Finnish
Likes: Singing, dancing, electronic music, anime, manga, games (especially rhythm & idol), memes, sweets, her friends, really cool stuff!!
Dislikes: Bugs, being bored, dark winter days, soap series...
Personality: Energetic, confident, easily entertained, quite childish, does her best to become the coolest UTAUloid!!

Character history: Ritsu lives in Finland. She always loved to use her Slingshot but it sadly got lost when she was 9 years old. And she didn't want a new one. Nolae Kimochine was her friend until she eloped to Japan whit Nolan Kimochine. They were pretty good childhood friends. Nolae and Ritsu still keep on touch through the internet. Actually, Nolae told all Otaku stuff to Ritsu, who surprise surprise get enthusiastic too. :D Thought Otaku stuff she found out about these 'Vocaloids' and 'Utaus' and decided to join whit them. She liked Hatsune Miku's voice a lot and decided that hers would someday be as brilliant. She found out that Nolae has also become an utau and their friendship suddenly raised. She also met Kiku Kasane, another Finnish Utau and decided whit her that they would be 'Random Friends'. From now on, she keeps singing and finding new friends~
     The second chapter comes in when she is 16 and half. She has practiced a lot and knows so much more about singing, meaning she has become confident with her skills and tries her best to impress everyone even more! She also really started to love electronic music, "it's so cool!!" -She says while deciding that mastering that genre must mean becoming the coolest UTAUloid! And in these 2 years she has met so many FINloids and become friends with them, that mentioning all of them at this point would take her so much time. "No one deserves a short introduction, right!?" Also, we sure don't know how, why or when, but there seems to be a mysteriously familiar slingshot on her desk...

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